Visa Application

If you need to apply for a visa in order to get to Germany, we offer to send you a letter of invitation for the Summer School.

Receiving an invitation to this Winter School, no matter how detailed it may be, does not guarantee you a visa to enter the EU or Germany. It will not provide you with the documentation necessary to grant you any specific period of stay, either before or after the conference. It will not necessarily extend to cover the travel or entry into any country of you, your family members, or others traveling with you.

As you will be staying at the Physikzentrum Bad Honnef, we cannot send you a confirmation of a hotel booking with your name on it. Accomodation will be provided for the time you stay at the Winter School. If you prefer to stay for a longer period of time in Germany, you need to take care of your accomodation by yourself.

As different embassies require different information, we need you to tell us what exactly you need on this letter and send us these information:
- your birthdate
- your passport number
- your private address and/or
- your university's address

If your invoice and letter of invitation needs to be written with a specific date, please inform us about this in your first email.

We only write letters of invitation for the dates of the School (and Master Class). We do not invite you to come to Germany for a month and ensure we cover the expenses for your stay.

We send the letter as a scanned copy via email and as a regular letter via mail to the adress written on your registration form. We do not send letters via express. If it is urgent, please apply for the Winter School early enough.